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Assess your paranoia

It's rare to go through life without having a paranoid thought. But how many people get these thoughts frequently?

We recently surveyed over a thousand people to see how many regularly had suspicious thoughts.

As you enter your response in the table below the results from the survey will be revealed.

Please note that this questionnaire only works in the Internet Explorer web browser.

Paranoid thoughts questionnaire

I need to be on my guard against others
Negative comments about me might be being put around
People deliberately try to irritate me
I might be being observed or followed
People are trying to make me upset
People communicate about me in subtle ways
Strangers and friends look at me critically
People might be hostile towards me
Bad things are being said about me behind my back
Someone I know has bad intentions towards me
I suspect that someone has it in for me
People would harm me if given an opportunity
Someone I don't know has bad intentions towards me
There is a possibility of a conspiracy against me
People are laughing at me
I am under threat from others
I can detect coded messages about me in the press/TV/radio
My actions and thoughts might be controlled by others

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