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Know Your Mind

Everyday Emotional and Psychological Problems and How to Overcome Them
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Know Your Mind is the perfect starting point for dealing with any psychological or emotional problem. It distils the best and most up-to-date psychological research to provide both a concise summary of the proactive steps you can take to stay mentally healthy and a comprehensive reference guide to common problems. Over 50 problems are covered, including anxiety, depression, anger, bereavement, eating problems, insomnia, mood swings, pain, paranoia, relationship difficulties, sexual problems, and stress.

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Endorsements for Know Your Mind

"A tremendous achievement. The best therapeutic advice, based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence, presented in a wonderfully accessible and entertaining form. It deserves a place on everyone's bookshelf."
Professor Peter Kinderman, British Psychological Society

"An engaging and lucid summary of the best psychological research and clinical practice. It will be enormously valuable to very many readers."
Professor Aaron T. Beck, University of Pennsylvania/p>

"An engaging summary of the best psychological research and how to apply it in practice. Written in a lucid style, with checklists and questionnaires to enable readers to assess their symptoms and participate in their own treatment, it is an enormously valuable book to have on hand."
Professor Mark Williams, Oxford University, co-author of The Mindful Way Through Depression

"Know Your Mind is unique in that it offers practical advice on how best to prevent psychological problems from arising as well as how to deal with problems when they do occur. Most people have more than one difficulty and this book enables multiple problems to be understood and addressed. It is a fantastic contribution to the self-help literature."
Professor Roz Shafran, University of Reading

"If only all reference books were as entertaining and enlightening! Know Your Mind is reliable and authoritative, but never dry or dull. It's a book we've long needed."
Professor Allison Harvey, University of California - Berkeley

"Know Your Mind is a fantastic resource for all readers and not least parents, providing as it does sensible and constructive advice on how best to handle a wide range of problems in children, from anxiety and depression to bedwetting, tantrums, and sleep problems. Keep it next to your family medical encyclopedia!"
Dr Sam Cartwright-Hatton, Manchester University

"This authoritative, accessible and wide-ranging book provides readers with a clear insight into the nature of a wide range of everyday problems from insomnia and stress to depression and anxiety. It offers clear, up to date and helpful guidelines on how we can help ourselves with these distressing conditions."
Professor Paul Gilbert, University of Derby and author of Overcoming Depression

"Know Your Mind puts a welcome emphasis on mental wellness, setting out the steps we can all take to prevent psychological problems from developing. But it doesn't stop there, because in just 300 pages the authors provide all the information and advice most of us will ever need on the full range of those problems."
Professor Kate Davidson, University of Glasgow

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